Email Etiquette Skills

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Email is currently the most used communication channel in the business environment. Email etiquette encompasses a set of rules indicating effective, proper and polite ways to behave when using email to communicate. This workshop will teach you the rules regarding how messages should look and what they should contain.
Employ effective email etiquette
Reply to emails according to organisational standards
Learn to structure an email
Understanding what an email should contain
Course Outline:
Lesson 1: Understanding email etiquette
Why send an email?
What is email etiquette?
Formal Email?
Informal email?
Lesson 2: Email Form
Subject line
Salutations & Closings
Paragraph spacing
Lesson 3: Email Content
Writing Style
Tone and Punctuation
Lesson 4: Replying to emails
Reply, Reply All, Forward
Response Time
Lesson 5: Specific Situations
Emailing customers & colleagues
Lesson 6: Common Mistakes
Various Content types: cordial, personal, emotional, crowded, informal.
Lesson 7: Practice session
Practice everything learned.

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Location: Western Cape - Cape Town
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