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The Biebie Productions Elocution & Accent Reduction Course caters to your unique communication needs. Your voice is your tool and you will be taught how to project yourself in a more confident manner, speaking with precision, charm, self-control and influence. Biebie changes lives whilst training winners!
• Greater confidence, clarity and influence when speaking in public, business and social situations
• Better Communication and engagement with people at conferences, meetings, Retail (sales) and or on the telephone
• Assist in scholars learning the TEFL course
• Greater awareness of HOW to use the voice effectively (vocal presence)
• Professionalize the way you speak
• Improved results when you need to get your ideas across
• Elocution Techniques to control and project your voice
• A reduction of any specific features of voice including a regional or national accent
• Clear speech and diction (pronunciation) in a neutral accent helping you reach your potential and goals.

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