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Safe Abortion. (0631241511)
Safe Abortion(0631241511)

Dr Zamah is a professional medical doctor specializing in termination of pregnancies between 1 and 16 weeks. Termination of pregnancy is safe and that is what Dr Thandi will assist you with. The method of termination will depend on several factors.

How far are you into your pregnancy – You can calculate this by counting the days from your last cycle to to date. That is how days are counted and you will be able to know how many weeks you are into your pregnancy. Early pregnancy are terminated cheaply using medication or otherwise know as termination pill.
You financial ability. There are basically two types of abortion. Medical and surgical. Medical abortion is the cheapest but safe method. Here a pill is used. So if you are low on money this is the option to choose but it is safe and very effective. Otherwise there is surgical abortion which is expensive but still safe method.
Where you are. Dr Thandi has telephonic / WhatsApp practice. She will help you terminate your pregnancy regardless where you are. Some women are far in villages but they also need to tterminate their pregnancies safely. Dr Zamah NomufundoWomen's clinic 0631241511

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Location: KwaZulu-Natal - Pongola
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