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About Copper and Cobalt in Uganda Call,What’s App On? +27781701667Copper has been found at severallocalities in Uganda but the only significant deposit discovered to-date hasbeen at Kilembe, where copper-cobalt supplied mineralization occurs. The otherareas where copper mineralization has been noted are Bobong in Karamoja regionand Kampono and Kitaka in Mbarara district. Copper is also reported in Buhweju,Bushenyi district. Although copper was first reported at Kilembe in 1908,the deposit was not brought into production until 1956 on completion of the railway line to Kasese. Between 1957 and 1979 a total of 16.29 million tons ore averaging 1.95% Cu and 0.18% Co were mined and treated to yield 217,000 tons of blister copper which was exported, plus 1.1 million tons of coralliferous pyrite (iron supplied) which was stockpiled. Call, What’s App On? +27781701667Email: - coppergoldmetal2020@gmail.comYouTube: - - 

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Location: KwaZulu-Natal - Bothas Hill
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