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SS 60 stabilisation grade can be stored and mixed with aggregates at ambient temperature.
2. Can be stored for up to six months at ambient temperature without risk of settlement. It is, however, recommended that
bulk product is occasionally agitated and drummed product rolled during prolonged storage.
3. If diluting with water, confirm the compatibility of the water with the emulsion.
4. 2 – 3% of SS 60 stabilisation grade is usually mixed with natural gravels or crushed aggregates for the stabilisation of
base coarses, which equates to approximately 6,5 – 10lt of emulsion per m2 of aggregate (assuming that the base layer
to be stabilised is 150mm thick).
5. As an enrichment spray or tack coat for HMA applications, the SS 60 stabilisation grade should be diluted with water at
a ratio of 1:1.
6. The binder should be heated to 60°C for spray applications.
7. As an enrichment spray, an application rate of 1,0 lt of diluted emulsion/m2 is recommended.
8. As a tack coat for HMA applications, an application rate of 0,5 lt of diluted emulsion/m2 is recommended.

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